Creative Project – Traditional Falaka Movie Project

We want to make a traditional falaka movie as we know from the Ottoman history. Help us to realize this project with our own crowdfunding campaign.
Falaka Movie Project
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Our Campaign

    Traditional Falaka Movie Project

    Creative Project We want to make a real traditional falaka movie as it is known in Ottoman history. It will be a mix of real documentary and drama. The movie will be produced with high quality standards and has a length of 2 hours. We need 5000 USD to realize this project with 3 female and 1 or 2 male actress. We need 3 professional cameras (rental), different locations (rental), technical equipment, catering, post production, translation and a few little things more. We will start with the project if we reach 3000 USD. But we need 5000 USD minimum to complete it.



We have 4 standart amounts. You are free to pay less or more. Every financial help is welcome. After your choise you will be forwarded to paypal. Thanks in advance for every donation.

20 USD

You get a 50% discount coupon for the movie.

50 USD

You get a copy of the movie for free and you can make suggestions for the story line. You can suggest a model/actress and which one you would like to see in the movie. You will get preview content while we produce the movie.

Special Offer

Aşeyra Rising Cover 2
You get the newest video “Aşeyra Rising” as a present (for free) if you make a donation higher than 25 USD. We will send the download informations 24 hours after your donation.

100 USD

You get also a free copy of the movie and a special gift, a surprise, an equipment from the movie with autograph of the actress. This is a very special thank you present.

500 USD

You can visit the set of our next movie project.



Here we will share the progress of the project, news about the movie and informations about the actress. This area can be used after a donation of 50 USD and more.

Behind the scenes

Previews, informations behind the scenes, personal interviews while we are producing and from the film set
Behind the scenes

Actress Choise

Suggest your desired actress you would like to see in this movie
Actress Choise


Share your story or make suggestions for the story line. Become an interactive writer for the movie story.

The Basement

Lennya was a woman from the Slav areas. She was kidnapped by slave hunters in the early 16th century and sold to a slave trader named Abdulkadir. He was known for his excellent selection of female slaves and their elite education. His slaves were very expensive and his reputation made him a reach man.
But the education of his slaves was very painful and cruel. His stated intention was to torture her with his maids until he broke her will. These maids were absolutely obedient and his own slaves who became merciless as him. They helped him making the woman spineless slaves.
Lenya was one of these slaves. But she had a target: vengeance! Taking vengeance on everyone who wronged her. She was willing to endure all the pain in the world for her vengeance.

Design the story!



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